How recruiters use social media to find candidates

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Have you ever searched for a job? Searching for a job can be really exhausting. But not just for us. Also for companies to find the right candidate is not easy.

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The Millennials are the first generation which grew up with the new media world. In the war of talents, it is not easy for companies to attract their self. Because of the demographic change they need new talents. They have to go where the talents are: in Social Media.

Many companies have a Page on Facebook or are on Twitter today. If company is not, it seems almost unprofessional. On their accounts they mostly present their brand and do Employer Branding but they also use them as Recruiting tools.


The most popular social media tools for Recruiter are: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. But Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are today also more likely tools.
Especially Facebook has so many active users that it is a very popular tool because it reaches so many people.

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The big advantage of Social Media is that companies can advertise their job offers. If they create a creative post much more people will look at it than on normal employment websites like SEEK or CareerOne. They also can get attention of people who do not actively search for a job. To get a better media penetration firms use #hashtags so even more people can see their post. Additionally, they time their posts for Maximum Engagement. There are so many things they can do to get our attention.


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The other big advantage for the companies is that they can do Active Sourcing to find the right candidates. They can directly address the people they think would fit the most. The best tool for that is LinkedIn. Here they can directly search for candidates with exactly those qualifications you need. You tip them in, get a list of people who would fit and can write them a direct message. There are many stories about people offered a job over social media and it is really true. And maybe, some day, you will find yourself on the other side and you are the lucky one who gets the dream job.


Here you can find the stories about Tracy Clayton, Rose McManus and three others. These five share their story how they found their jobs via Social Media.

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Source: Wikimedia

Many people are worried about how they should present on social media to have the best changes to get a job. I want to consider this topic in my next post to show you how to do it right.

There is not just a bright side of using social media in recruiting. It also occur some problems by using Social Media.

For example, do companies maybe lose the personal contact with their candidates if they always communicate by using social media tools? What do you think? Do you have experience with social media recruiting? I would be really happy to hear about your opinion.


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