How can you use social media to find jobs?

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On social media you cannot just find a job but a job can find you. Most companies already use social media to find new employees. There is a great opportunity to find exactly what you are searching for on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc. The best way is to build a network and where better than on social media platforms? Most people already have an account on a social media platform with connections. Use these connections to find a job.

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Show the people what your strengths are. Make companies interested in you. Let them ask you to work with them not ask for a job. Share your talents on social media and send a direct message to the companies you would like to work at. For example, write a blog about your growth and your development and send a link to a local businessman. Or if you are an artist, show your work on Instagram and #hashtag a well-known artist who may share it with his/her followers and helping to build your network.

Make the world interested in you and show people that you have already the skills they are searching for but still willingly to learn.

The most used platforms to find a job are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and here is how candidates can use them.

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LinkedIn is in its own words the World’s Largest Professional Network. Therefore, it is not surprising that most recruiters use this network to find new talents. 94% use LinkedIn and 79% have hired candidates they found there. To have an account on LinkedIn is therefore not a bad option. If you do a proper profile, recruiters can directly see what are your skills. You also show up if recruiter search for special skills on the search function. Additionally, if you participate in forums with good comments you can also show your knowledge.


Facebook is the popular network for job seekers. 83% are active on Facebook. 66% of recruiters search on Facebook for fitting candidates and 26% hired already one. On this network most graduate recruiters publish their graduate programmes like internships. You should look through the social media profiles of the companies you are interested in to find attractive job ads. But keep in mind also to clean up your profile because recruiters look through your page as well.


Follow people who work in careers you are interested in on Twitter. Also, put a link to your blog or your LinkedIn profile in the bio. Twitter is perfect as an additional network to stay informed or inform others of your status. It is the communication board where you can tweet for example the link to your blog to make people interested to read it.

What should you keep in mind if you have social media accounts? My next article will explore how to present yourself the best way to recruiters on social media.


Have you found or applied for a job using social media? How was the experience?


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