Present yourself professionally on social media to find a job

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Finding a job is not easy especially because 39% of recruiters look through Facebook and Twitter profiles before they invite candidates to interviews. Out of those companies who use social media profiles to sort out, 43% said they found information about applications that lead to not hiring the person while just 19% found information which influenced the decision to hire the applicant.

This post shows six points how to present you the best way on social media so you will never be sorted out just because of your social media appearance.

1. Create profiles

Source: lindsayolson

Yes, the first thing is to create profiles on recent platforms. Without one, social media cannot help you finding a job. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would be the ones recommend most because these are the platforms where recruiters actively are searching for candidates.

If you already have these profiles you should:

2. Clean up your profiles

Let your profile look professional. No photos of the latest party where you were drunk and no profile pictures where nobody can identify who you are. Also, have a closer look what your friends posted on your site and maybe delete things which do not look good on your timeline. If this is too much work, create
a new profile you just use for your professional work.
Use your real name so people can find you on social media. Do not use nicknames, they are not professional.

newsdigest_logo3. Profile up-to-date

Keep your profile up-to-date and always have the newest information about you on it.

Source: epages

4. Network

Connect with former colleagues and people who work in the field of your interest. Additionally, follow companies you are interested in on Facebook and Twitter. Participate in forums and introduce yourself. Be active in these forums and show where you are an expert. Respond to posts of firms you are interested in. Show the world you are here and just waiting to be found. But be careful and post with mind.

5. Show your strengths

Always stay up to date in your field of interest and let the people know what you are an expert in by creating valuable posts.

6. Make a plan

Source: LinkedIn

Do not try to do everything at the same time. Make a plan to schedule what you want to do. On one day you can join a group. On another day you can work on your profile and the next day you can write a respond to a company’s post. If you try to do everything at the same time you lose track and it is worth nothing.


Do you have experience with social media profiles that caused problems? What do you do to present yourself in the best way on social media? Do you have strategies or do you just do what comes to mind?


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